Renew Consulting

Renew your dreams, your potential, your life. 


Renew your potentialCoaching Services

Rookie agent or burned out veteran.

Our issues are vastly different but we know the typical solutions all sound the same - do the basics. Cold-calling, knocking on doors, farm neighborhoods, reach out to past clients, do pop-bys, blah, blah, blah. Right? If you want more, work more and it all turns into "Spin that hamster wheel faster, sleep less, work longer hours." 

And then the burnout sets in and we wonder why we're doing this to begin with. 

There is a better way. There is a healthier way. Between frenzy and burnout, there is a sustainable, life-giving way to celebrate the chance to help people in one of the most rewarding ways possible.

We can get there. I promise.

Renew your relationshipsMentoring Partnerships

Get responsive insight, help, and partnership to help you achieve your highest goals.

Do you feel you've been tossed into the deep-end and need a lifeline? Mentoring is more than just a weekly session to help motivate, achieve goals, and increase potential. Mentoring is a partnership between agent and broker. This partnership includes daily interactions, timely reminders, responsive help and insight. A mentor should be available via text, email, phone calls, and regular face to face meetings to make sure you're on track to reach your goals and manifest your future. 


Renew your trajectoryTraining

Classes that make a difference.

From formalized CE Credits to unique content geared specifically to help you create your own edge in the marketplace. Many of them can be taken online, at your convenience, whenever you have time to fit it into your schedule.