Mentoring Partnerships

Get responsive insight, help, and partnership to help you achieve your highest goals.

Renew your relationshipsMentoring Partnerships

Get more so you can do more

Mentoring is more than just a weekly session to help motivate, achieve goals, and increase potential. Mentoring is a partnership between agent and broker. This partnership includes daily interactions, timely reminders, responsive help and insight. A mentor should be available via text, email, phone calls, and regular face to face meetings to make sure you're on track to reach your goals and manifest your future. 

What's included in mentoring? 



Mentoring detailsMentoring means full access

  • Daily email access and collaboration
  • Text and conversational access from 8am-7pm daily
  • Guaranteed responses within 15 minutes
  • Personal care and support for each transaction and challenge.


  • Tools to increase your productivity
  • Checks and balances to make sure you're setting healthy boundaries to keep you from burnout
  • Creative marketing and lead generation collaboration
  • Exercises to create a mindful approach to holistic health for life and work
  • Access to a private FB group for inspiration and collaboration with others
  • Downloadable resources you can modify for your own business marketing and consumer interactions
  • All for only $550 monthly